Friday, 24 August 2012

The truth behind my relationship with Don Jazzy – Tiwa Savage

She’s tall, pretty and highly talented with a unique voice, you do not come across Tiwa Savage in person for the first time and fail to notice the passion and confidence she exudes. This better comes alive when asked to speak about her music career.
It sure does not come as a surprise, as the 32-year-old singer, who does not look any bit her age, kicked off her music career in the UK, touring as a back-up singer for international stars like Mary J. Blige, Sting, George Michael, Kelly Clarkson and the Spice Girls.
Her impressive resume notwithstanding, Savage, who is the only female in the Don Jazzy-led, Marvin Records music label, is quite approachable. Although she says her label mates do not make her feel like a lady in their midst, her inclusion in the team has given rise to speculations of a steamy romance between her and Don Jazzy.
The rumour was further fuelled when the latter, who has never collaborated with any artiste outside of the disbanded Mo Hits Crew’, featured on her single, Without My Heart.
To these allegations, Savage lets out a hearty laugh, saying, “The rumours are false. Don Jazzy and I have always been friends. He helped me out from the beginning, even before Mavin Records. I have always and will always look up to him. He is a great man and I appreciate his talent so much. He also has a really good heart.”
In less than two years since she moved back to Nigeria, the slender singer has won a large following for herself and has gradually wormed her way to the enviable position as a top musician in the country. Yet, she rules out ‘luck factor.’
“A lot of people see it as a short period but I can assure you I have been working for many years to get here. It is a journey that has spanned many years and three continents just to get here. I am grateful to God that I now have the opportunity to sing but it has been a lot of hard work.”
Savage’s dress sense and appearance have made her nothing short of a sex symbol in the industry. Notwithstanding, she confesses that she was initially not comfortable with her skin colour.
“I used to have such a complex about being dark skinned and was told that I was not beautiful and sometimes when someone complimented me, they would say, ‘You look good for a dark-skinned girl’ but eventually when I moved to the U.S., people started to really compliment me. So I guess the secret is appreciating how God created you. Once you feel good on the inside it will show on the outside.”
According to the Berkley College of Music, UK graduate, she is not threatened by the crop of female artistes trying to break through in the competitive Nigerian music scene. For her, there is no challenge what so ever.
“If anything we even need more female musicians. There are not enough of us. I am actually in awe of many of them: Omawumi, Waje, Asa, Eva are all doing great things in music. Many powerful women have paved the way for someone like me and the truth is there are amazing female artistes that are relentless in their efforts to build the female presence in the music industry. We are working so hard to make sure we close the gap in such a male dominated industry.”
With less than six singles to her credit, her yet-to-be- released album has become one of the most anticipated in the industry. She reveals that it will be a blown-away.
“The album will be out very soon and apart from my usual style, I am experimenting with some different sounds too. I think listeners will be pleasantly surprised. I was happy that O Ma Ga was well received because it was a departure from my typical style. I am not necessarily pushing for an international collaboration right now as I feel when the time is right it will happen. I would love to do a collaboration with Brandy though; she is my all-time favourite.”
With some celebrities constantly striving to live up to the expectations of the public and fans, Savage says she is never compelled to bow to pressure. “From the beginning, I have always just allowed the music to speak for itself and I strongly believe that as long as you are true to yourself, you maintain your integrity and continue to stay humble and create great music, you will be free to enjoy the journey and use your gift to bless people as supposed to always feeling pressured. The only pressure I feel is to always do better.”
When asked what she considers the greatest misconception being held about her, she says, “Probably that I am some kind of diva. In reality I am most comfortable wearing a T-shirt and some leggings. I’m not even a big fan of heels.”

Friday, 17 August 2012

Two musicians arrested for rape and blackmail of 17-year-old girl

For allegedly defiling  a 17 year old girl, two disco musicians have been charged before an Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court.
Ekene Ozor, 24, and Daniel Eni, 21, are standing trial before Magistrate M.B. Folami for allegedly forcing their penis into the mouth and vagina of Nancy Amaka.
Prosecuting Corporal Oladejo Balogun told the court that the accused committed the crime on August 5, about 12pm at 10, Joe Ejeye Street, Ejigbo.
He said they conspired to sexually penetrate into the vagina and mouth of Nancy Nkechi Abia Amaka.
Balogun said the offences contravened Sections 409 and 259 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos 2011.
It was gathered that Ekene invited the victim who had just finished secondary school for a musical video shoot and when she came, instead of taking her to the location, he locked her inside his room.
After locking his door and removing the keys, the first accused allegedly forced the victim to remove her clothes and started taking nude pictures of her.
“When he had finished snapping me, he said he was going to post my naked pictures on the Internet if I refused to suck his penis,” Amaka told the court.
She said after having sex with her, Ekene went and called his friend, who also had his turn and they threatened to expose her pictures if she refused to comply.
After they had satisfied themselves she said, the victim seized her ATM card in a bid to extort money from her, and to blackmail her.
She said she told her parents about the incident and they reported the case at the Ejigbo Police Station, following which they were arrested.
The accused pleaded not guilty and were granted N500,000 bail with two sureties in the like sum. While the case was adjourned.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I Wish I Never Had Revenge Séx

There hadn’t been any of those your--is-totally-about-to-dump-you signs. None of my friends warned me that they thought it might happen anytime soon. He hadn’t mentioned any “problems in our relationship” at all.
It’s safe to say that I wasn’t expecting to be single by the time I got home from school that day—but I sure was.
You’ve got to understand, this is my first serious high school  we’re talking about. You know, the one who I planned on marrying? The one I lost my virginity to? The one that I imagined being with for forever? Yep, that was him. One day we were perfect and the next we were over…The following day at school I anticipated the worst: Passing each other awkwardly in the hall, having to sit near him at lunch and not laugh when he said something funny, him knowing that I  been crying during the minutes before class. But that “worst” doesn’t even come close to what really happened. Ready for it? Are you sure?
Like really? How could he be so awful to me? They were holding hands and even kissing during passing period. I wanted to die. Cue the combination of humiliation and depression. Obviously our relationship  meant nothing to him–when to me, it was one of the most important things in life. How could I have been such an idiot for letting him mess with my emotions that way. I wasn’t sad anymore, I was livid. And I needed to find some way to get even with him.
If he thought he could just go off and be with another girl so quickly after our relationship was over, that sure meant that I could do the same with another boy. But not just any boy, I wanted to make sure that it was the one person that would hurt him the most—one of his best friends.
I knew which one to pick immediately; he had always been someone that my ex- was jealous of. Without consulting my friends, I texted him the next day, asking if he wanted to hang out, but I’m sure he knew that I meant something more. When he came over, I was ready. There had always been some séxual tension between us but now, with my  out of the picture, nothing was stopping us . . . or me from having revenge sex.
We kissed and it was really great, but it just didn’t feel right. His hands moved up my shirt and I liked how it felt but hated that it was him at the same time. I went down on him and wanted to make it fantastic for him, wanted him to finish, but only so the news would get back to my ex boyfriend. By the time we had séx, I don’t even know what I was thinking. I only knew that revenge séx wasn’t what I pictured it would be.
It was such a convoluted experience of things I thought I wanted and the emotions that only made me realize how bad of an idea it had all been. I felt dirty and wrong. Believe me, the séx was good while it was happening (when isn’t it?), but the way it made me feel after was so not what I expected. Revenge séx is NOT all it’s cracked up to be in the movies.
I wanted to go back in time and forget the whole thing. I wished that I could have found ANY other way to get over this relationship. Anything besides having revenge séx. I just wish I had known that it would have felt so wrong. If I had, I would never have done it in the first place.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

31 Year Old Woman Stabbed And Killed Fiance On Wedding Day.......

31 Year Old Woman Stabbed And Killed Fiance On Wedding Day

Instead of spending her first full day as a newlywed, an eastern Pennsylvania woman was instead in jail, accused of killing her fiance hours before they were to get married on sunday.

The woman, Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, was charged with criminal homicide in Saturday morning stabbing death of Billy Rafeal Brewster, 36, in their Whitehall Township apartment.
It was said that at her arraignment by video from jail Saturday, Franklin apparently unable to grasp that he was dead pleaded to the judge, “You got to check again!” according to the Morning Call newspaper in Allentown.

After District Judge Donna Butler told her that Brewster had been pronounced dead earlier, Franklin wailed and covered her face in her hands.
“I want my family back,” she said, rocking gently back and forth. “I want to go home.”
When asked if she understood the homicide charge, Franklin wept and choked out the words one at a time.

“I … did … not … kill … him … on … purpose,” she said, according to the newspaper.
Franklin and Brewster were to be married at 10 a.m. Saturday, but police said they were called to the apartment shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday and found Brewster bleeding from the torso as he lay on the landing outside his apartment. He was pronounced dead a little over an hour later at a hospital, District Attorney Jim Martin said.
The Lehigh County coroner’s office said a preliminary investigation revealed two stab wounds that resulted in a punctured heart.

Neighbor Steve Engel said the pastor who was supposed to perform the ceremony came to the building after not being able to reach the couple, and others who were apparently going to the wedding also showed up at the building throughout the day.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Britain boosts aid to Syrian rebels


The British Government is increasing its work with the Syrian political opposition as part of efforts to create an alternative to President Bashar al Assad's regime.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said a British diplomat met representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) this week.

The UK is also to provide an extra £5m in non-lethal equipment, such as communications devices, to help activists co-ordinate efforts.

In an article in The Times, Mr Hague said: "The people of Syria cannot wait while the wheels of diplomacy turn.

"Many more people will die without urgent help. That is why we will now focus our efforts on urgent practical assistance to Syrians on the ground, while diplomacy continues."

Meanwhile, rebels retreated from the key Aleppo district of Salaheddin under heavy shelling, as a veteran Algerian diplomat was set to be named the new international envoy to Syria.
"We have staged a tactical withdrawal from Salaheddin. The district is completely empty of rebel fighters. Regime forces are now advancing into Salaheddin," said Hossam Abu Mohammed, an FSA commander.

"The fighters are withdrawing to (nearby) Sukari district, where they are preparing a counter-attack."

He added: "A large number of civilians were killed, as were some 40 rebels. Forty buildings have been flattened."
Syrian state television said: "Our special forces have cleansed Salaheddin district of terrorists."

It came as Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, 78, is to be named as Kofi Annan's replacement as Arab League joint special envoy for Syria, according to diplomatic sources quoted by Reuters news agency.

An announcement about Mr Brahimi - who has served as a UN special envoy for Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and South Africa - could come as early as next week.

Mr Assad's forces have so far killed more than 15,000 people, in its effort to crush the rebellion that erupted in March 2011, some Western leaders say.

Damascus said rebels have killed several thousand members of its security forces.

Mr Annan, a former UN secretary-general, announced last week he would step down because he was unable to do his job with the UN Security Council's veto powers deadlocked over Syria.

The council united in April to approve the deployment of 300 monitors to observe a failed ceasefire as part of Mr Annan's peace plan.

But Russia and China have vetoed three other resolutions criticising Syria and threatening sanctions against Damascus.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

This must not go unpunished,Few weeks back a video of a 11 years old making love to a 4 years old was all over the internet,Now this again.Good people must rise up and ensure that this teacher is tracked down and punished,it is possible one person will know this Man,Lets clean our society of perverts

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Popular Lagos pastor and self acclaimed Nostradamus of this time, Primate Ayodele of Inri Alaseyori Cathedral Church, a white garment church in Lagos, is now the major discourse in the Christendom over his sudden wealth and his alleged nefarious activities, which is ungodly to the religion.
Aside being alleged as a shrewd scammer, he is also said to be fond of anything in skirt. It would be recalled that in one of his predictions, he had predicted that late president, Musa Yara Adua would returned hale and hearty, but unfortunately for him, the former President reportedly died of the illness.
This was the beginning of the clutches of his several predictions. All these story is for another day.
The latest gist emanating from the household of this Ekiti born prophet is that, Primate Ayodele is alleged to be a grade ‘A’ fake pastor who consults the Ifa-oracle to tame his victims. His victims are said to be Governors, Senators and some top-rated politicians in Nigeria. He was said to have made his money in Kwara State during the era of Olubukola Saraki.
So closed was primate to Kwara state then that no event was held without the presence of the state’s representatives. Sources say that aside his alleged scamming act, he is also alleged to be having a yummy relationship with his personal lawyer (name withheld), who is a mother of two.
The said female lawyer resides around Oke–Afa area of Isolo, which is very close to the headquarters of Primate Ayodele’s church in Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos. Tongues have wagged over this illicit affair with the lawyer whose husband is based in Ghana and primate has been spotted at the woman’s resident on several occasions.
She is also said to have played a pivotal role in the church, sources said aside dealing with legal actions of the church. The lawyer is also said to be the bedrock of primate spiritual powers. She is rumoured to do charms (called juju in the local parlance) for him.
Their haven is believed to be at Igbesa in Ado–Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun state. That is not all, he was said to have slept with some girls simply identified as Getty, Blessing, Agness and Kate, all names mentioned were members of his staff before he sacked them.
Sources also alleged that whenever he sleeps with them, he always makes oath with them in order for them not to reveal his top secret.
Another source said that another lady Primate Ayodele is still dating in his church is Bose, who some said he can’t do without simply because of her big butts. He was said to taken full the responsibility of her mother’s lavish burial some months ago.
The “man of God” was also said by our sources to have spent a fortune on the burial just to satisfy his lover many years. She is also said to go around with exotic jeep courtesy Primate Ayodele. Our informant also said that if she decides to change it tomorrow, so be it.
Another of his machinery in the spiritual preparation is his personal driver known as Baba Sowami, the aged baba Sowami allegedly does his juju at Mushin and prepares the juju book for him.
Primate no doubt has done well for himself, aside owing exotic cars in his garage, he is into property business. He buys and sells properties. He owns almost seven properties in Ijeshal/Lawason alone. He also has properties on Bola Ayeni Street, Agege, around NYSC camp plus a pure water company.
He’s said to be close to Senate President David Mark and several state governors and deputy governors.
These are few allegations against Primate Ayodele. More revelations of his alleged dirty deals and secrets coming soon.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Welcome to Harlobzy Blog

Welcome to Harlobzy Blog

DIRECTOR SACKS WIFE FOR HAVING 5 GALS.....................................
The Assistant Director, Audit, at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Tajudeen Adenekan has thrown out his wife of 12 years, Kuburat because she gave birth to five girls and no boy.
Late last year, Tajudeen, 53, instituted a divorce action against Kuburat, 32, before an Alimosho Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Igando, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.
Kuburat said her problem started with him after he gave birth to five girls. She said Tajudeen started behaving strangely and sometimes he will forget condom inside his pocket and when she asked him about it, he will be harass her.
She said he later went to the customary court and filed a divorce suit which resulted in the dissolution of the marrige..
“If I had at least a male child, my husband would not have divorced me,” she said.
But her husband denied her claim and explained that he quit the marriage because of the alleged threat to his life by Kuburat and lack of love..
The battle was shifted on Wednesday after Kuburat dragged her enstranged husband to Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court in Lagos for stealing her property after he obtained judgment at the customary court.
The embittered woman from Isoko, Delta State, Southsouth Nigeria, and married to Adenekan from Abeokuta, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, told the court that apart from Tajudeen throwing her out of her matrimonial home, she left the place empty-handed because he broke into her apartment and carted away all her property including the N100,000 alimony he paid her.
The customary court while  dissolving the marriage, gave an order that the husband should allow her to carry her property in the presence of the court officials for her to start a new life.
But instead, her husband reportedly broke into her apartment and packed her property out and rented out the place. She reported the matter to the police.
Adenekan was arrested and charged before Ejigbo Court for stealing, contrary to Section 285 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.
Some of her properties he allegedly carted away include assorted cloth, cooking utensils, gold and jewellery and  N215, 000. The total amount of money she allegedly lost was N1,896,000.
When the charge was read to Adenekan in the open court, the presiding Magistrate, Mrs M. B. Folami observed that the defendant and complainant were husband and wife.
Mrs Folami wondered why the matter should come to court. Kuburat told the court that Tajudeen divorced her because she could not bear him a male child. She added that apart from him throwing her out of her marriage, he went ahead and broke her apartment and stole her property. She told the court that the five children are in his custody and they are not going to school.
Tajudeen denied all her allegations and told the court that he loved his children irrespective of their gender. He said he has been making efforts on how she will meet with the children at least once every week. He asked the court to intervene and resolve the matter peacefully.
Folami frowned at discrimination against gender, stressing that both male and femle children  are useful once they are properly trained.
She told the parties  to give room for the resolution of the matter because of the future of their children.   She adjourned the matter till  Friday (today) for a continuation of the resolution of the matter.